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Wesson Germanis Obituary, Watertown Wisconsin Longtime Resident Has Passed Away

Wesson Germanis Obituary, Death – The Germanis family has the ability to make you feel as though you have been a member of the family for a very long time, whether you are a biological relative or a member who has been adopted. After living together, having children, and going on weekend adventures for ten years, we can say with absolute certainty that they have become as close to a family unit as any two people can get without actually being a family.

Every characteristic of Christ that is mentioned in the Bible can be seen in the members of the Germanis family. Wesson, who was just three years old at the time of the heinous crime, was killed in a terrible accident while his family was helping their next-door neighbor with some agricultural labor yesterday. Adam (Gingerman) Germanis, a member of the local police force, has devoted his entire life to serving and protecting the people who live in his neighborhood.

The realization that this is the only method by which I can be of assistance to him breaks my heart. It has been brought to our attention that you have recently entered a new period of your life. Despite the fact that I will never forget the amazing person you were, it is now time for us to bid you farewell. We do so in the knowledge that you will continue to watch over our adventures while they are still taking place on this globe.

Those of us who were given the opportunity to become acquainted with you count ourselves among the extremely fortunate to having done so; you now have God on your side. Because of your likable personality and caring demeanor, you have always been able to distinguish yourself from the other people in the room.