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Wayne Sims Obituary Louisiana, Former LSU Basketball Player Has Passed Away - Death Cause

Wayne Sims Obituary Louisiana, Former LSU Basketball Player Has Passed Away – Death Cause

Wayne Sims Obituary, Death – Wayne Sims, who had previously participated in basketball for LSU and was the father of Wayde Sims, who is currently an important player for the Tigers, passed away not too long ago. Wayde Sims plays an important role for the Tigers. One of the most important players for the Tigers is Wayde Sims. Wayde Sims’ college basketball career began at LSU, where he went on to play professionally.

WBRZ investigated a variety of sources to come to the conclusion that Sims did not survive for very long after collapsing at his place of employment. This information was obtained by thoroughly researching the sources. The authorities made the announcement early on Wednesday morning that it appeared as though Sims had died due to natural causes and that it was conceivable that she had already passed away. They also stated that it was possible that she had already died.

Wayne Sims was a member of the LSU Tigers basketball team from 1987 through 1991, during which time he competed for the school in the sport of basketball. During that time frame, he was actively participating in the game as a player. During the time that he was a part of that team, he faced up against opponents such as Shaquille O’Neal, who was a player on the other team. Wayde, the father’s son, was gunned down in 2018 when he attempted to intervene in a fight that broke out on the street immediately following a concert. The event took place straight after the conclusion of the show.

The previous year, following Dyteon Simpson’s conviction for the murder of Wayde, he was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole. O.J. Simpson’s dead body was located in the holding cell where he was being held after a period of time had passed. An autopsy revealed that Simpson had died as a result of an overdose, which was the cause of death initially suspected.