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Vicky Matthews Obituary, Pink Spaghetti’s Co-Founder Has Died

Vicky Matthews Obituary, Death- On Easter Sunday, we are saddened to share the news that Pink Spaghetti co-founder Vicky Matthews passed away after a valiant battle against brain cancer. She had been putting up a fight against this illness for a very long time. It is with a heavy heart that we have to share this information with you because we are aware that it will frustrate you.

Because Vicky has been such an important part of my business from the very beginning, I will be grateful to her for all of the assistance that she has provided to me over the course of the years. Because of this, I shall be appreciative to her till the end of time. When I made my initial inquiry about working at Pink Spaghetti, I was beyond confident that this was the path I needed to take in terms of my professional life. I was positive beyond any reasonable doubt that this was the way I needed to follow.

I had been looking for work for a considerable amount of time. That is a moment that will remain ingrained in my memory forever. I consider it a wonderful honor to be a part of the Pink Spaghetti family since Vicky and Caroline have built a business on the strong basis of their relationship, and as a result, they have formed the Pink Spaghetti family. As a result of this, I am a part of the Pink Spaghetti family. As a direct result of this, I believe it to be an extraordinary privilege to be a member of the Pink Spaghetti family.

In spite of the incalculable hole that Vicky’s passing has created in everyone of our hearts, we have come together to show our support for Caroline and our pink spaghetti brand. @pinkspaghettifranchise As a business, we shall continue her work with pride and make every effort to keep her legacy alive in our minds and hearts indefinitely after she has passed away. In our thoughts, she will not be forgotten at any time. with an overwhelming amount of love and appreciation focused toward each and every one of her family and circle of friends.