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Vaughn Yourth Obituary, Vaughn Yourth Has Passed Away – Death

Vaughn Yourth Obituary, Death – We are writing to tell you that Vaughn Yourth passed away on April 10th, 2023. Our letter is dated April 10th, 2023. It was on Monday that he passed away. As we deliver this devastating news to you, our hearts are filled with the sorrow that we feel for you and your family. Vaughn Yourth, a singer who was born in Cobden, is most likely to be remembered by the majority of people for his interpretations of Roy Orbison’s songs that he sang at the many events that he took part in during the course of his career. These performances took place at a variety of venues.

These performances were held at a variety of different locations throughout the city. In addition to his repertoire of country music, Vaughn sang a number of exquisite traditional hymns, which he also performed alongside his country music performances. He had a remarkable talent for composing music, which was one of his many gifts from God. Regarding the tragic passing of a member of the Youth family, please accept our heartfelt sympathies.

There is footage from the 1993 Cobden Country Show that was included in a film that was initially released by Marjorie Moore. At one point in time, this event was also hosted under a different name. This particular incarnation of the event takes place on a Saturday night and celebrates the event’s tenth anniversary. The event has been held throughout the years. In addition to that, it features an outstanding cast of locally skilled actors and musicians. At the 42 minutes and 59-second mark in the video, there is a segment that serves as an introduction to Vaughn’s performance.