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TY Rannals Motorcyle Accident Omaha, Motorcyclist Killed In Crash

TY Rannals Motorcyle Accident Omaha, Motorcyclist Killed In Crash 132nd Street Bridge Over West Dodge

TY Rannals Motorcyle Accident – A motorcyclist was killed in a collision that occurred on an overpass located on West Dodge Road in West Omaha. The collision took place in West Omaha. The crash took place in the nighttime. Ty Rannals, age 22, was riding a Kawasaki motorbike southbound on 132nd Street approaching Dodge Street when he was hit by a semi-truck towing a trailer that was heading northbound on 132nd Street and attempting to join the westbound on-ramp of Dodge Street. Rannals was pronounced dead at the scene of the accident.

The police say that the semi-truck was attempting to use the on-ramp to Dodge Street’s westbound lanes when it was stopped. It was determined that Rannals had passed away at the scene by the medical staff. Rannals incurred injuries in the crash, which ultimately led to his passing away as a result of those injuries. The fact that Rannals’ motorcycle was involved in the collision that occurred between the tractor trailer and the second vehicle has been established beyond a reasonable doubt by the investigators.

Rannals was dispatched to Bergan Mercy, which, upon the young man’s arrival, was already in the process of making preparations to try to save his life. When he arrived, the facility was all set up and waiting for him. According to the papers that were provided by the police, even after being taken to the hospital, he did not survive for a very long time after being there. This is stated in the documents. The driver of the semi, Corey Johnston, was issued a ticket for the lesser felony of homicide by motor vehicle. The offense was a traffic violation. Johnston, who is now 32 years old and resides in Bellevue, calls that city his home.