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Trisdon Brownfield Dewar, Oklahoma, Trisdon Brownfield Killed in Car Accident,

Trisdon Brownfield Dewar, Oklahoma – When you are a kid growing up in a small town, the people you encounter have a more profound and significant impact on your life than they would in a larger city. Our high school had a total enrollment of fewer than a few hundred pupils, despite the fact that our graduating class consisted of only twenty persons. You are well-versed in everyone’s affairs. You have love in your heart for everyone.

Even though you haven’t spoken to any of them in years, you will always regard each of them to hold a special and significant place in your heart, even if you haven’t spoken to any of them in a while. Despite the fact that I haven’t seen Trisdon since we both graduated high school together, this really rips my heart. I will be praying for the Brownfield family, especially for his daughter, as well as for this amazing community that we have here in Dewar.

Just learned the sad news that an old buddy from my youth had passed away. I remember spending the night at your house with you and your family when my parents were unable to travel to any baseball tournaments because they could not afford to do so. Or, when we were supposed to play each other in basketball, we wouldn’t really play; instead, we’d just goof off by making each other giggle and making each other uncomfortable. Trisdon Brownfield, you were an excellent friend in every sense of the word. I really hope you get some good sleep, guy.