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Tiffany Daniels Missing Person, Pensacola, Florida, Is She Dead or Alive?

Tiffany Daniels Missing Person – TV show ‘Disappeared: Against the Tide’ on Investigation Discovery investigates the disappearance of a 25-year-old theater technician named Tiffany Daniels. On August 12th, 2013 she was last spotted in Pensacola, Florida. Tiffany’s parents have asked the public for aid in solving the mystery of her disappearance for almost a decade, but they still hope their daughter is alive.

What exactly is Tiffany’s backstory, though? What is it? Tiffany Heaven Daniels was born on March 11, 1988 to parents Rodney and Cindy in Dallas, Texas. She had natural artistic ability, was outgoing and free-spirited, and made plenty of friends quickly. She got a job painting sets at the Pensacola State College theater in Florida after she finished school there. She painted, did what she liked, and explored Pensacola’s natural and cultural wonders.

In the downtown section of the city, Tiffany frequently hosted and attended blues and swing dance parties. She also liked going for hikes in the dunes and riding from her house across the Bob Sikes Bridge to Santa Rosa Island in the Gulf of Mexico. Tiffany was a dedicated vegetarian who also loved tattoos, as evidenced by the blooming plant design she had tattooed atop her foot.

While everything else about her life appeared to be fine, her finances were a mess. Her parents claim that beginning in the summer of 2013, she began routinely paying the rent for her string of roommates. In July of 2013, Tiffany found a new roommate in Gary Nichols, the 54-year-old father of a friend, through a Craigslist ad. Gary was divorcing his wife and looking to move closer to work, as depicted on the episode.

Concerns about Tiffany living with someone more than twice her age were echoed by her parents when he moved in. Gary was able to prove he was financially responsible and a good match for her daughter, so they gave in.¬†Tiffany’s ex-boyfriend enrolled in a graduate robotics program at UT Austin in August 2013. Tiffany declined his offer to relocate to Austin with her at the time because she was not ready to leave Pensacola.

They decided to go their separate ways, so on August 11 she made him a goodbye brunch. Her loved ones attest that she spent the remainder of the day moping around, but that her mood improved after she decided to pay Austin another visit. She was also quite busy with the forthcoming fall play production for her school’s theatrical department.