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Thomas Fradet Obituary, Motorcycle-SUV Crash Kills Fargo Man

Thomas Fradet Obituary, Death- A collision between a motorcycle and an SUV in West Fargo resulted in the death of a guy who was traveling from Fargo on the motorcycle. According to the Highway Patrol, Taquoya Saldana, 28, a resident of West Fargo, was operating an SUV when she collided with Thomas Fradet, 31, who was riding a motorbike through an intersection on Main Avenue at the time of the accident. Fradet was reportedly thrown from his bike and sustained serious injuries as a result of the accident.

Fradet was a participant in the accident that occurred. When the collision took place, Fradet was in the process of making a left turn at the time. The collision took place on Wednesday night just a few minutes after 9 o’clock in the evening. In the end, Fradet did not make it through his treatment at the hospital and passed away there. Both Saldana and the other passenger in the SUV were able to avoid injury thanks to the fact that they were able to flee the collision unscathed.

Saldana was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs and driving while his license was suspended. He was also suspected of driving when his license was revoked. In addition to that, it was believed that he was driving despite the fact that his license had been revoked. It was not quite apparent whether or not she had an attorney representing her at the time of the incident. The authorities are currently carrying on with their investigation into the matter, which they started earlier.