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Terel Johnson Obituary, Victim in fatal Saunders County crash identified

Terel Johnson Obituary, Death – The identity of the individual who passed away as a consequence of an accident that took place on Friday in Saunders County and only involved one vehicle has been made public by the police. The collision only involved one car. The Saunders County Sheriff’s Office was able to definitely identify the victim as a lady by the name of Terel L. Johnson.

Johnson was 48 years old at the time of the incident. Johnson considered Lincoln to be his hometown. Johnson resided in Lincoln throughout his life. The local police said that a Buick Rendezvous collided with a cow at some point on Friday morning prior to 5:14 a.m. when it was traveling three miles north of Valparaiso on Highway 79 between County Road E and County Road F.

The location of the incident is between County Road E and County Road F. Between County Road E and County Road F is where the collision took place, according to the description given. After that, the vehicle veered off the road and crashed into a tree, which resulted in the destruction of both the vehicle and the tree. When law enforcement officers arrived at the site, they found that Johnson, who was the only person in the car, had been slain.

They also learned that Johnson had been the only person in the vehicle. No one who was in the area at the time of the collision has come forward to give their version of what took place. The Sheriff’s office requests that anybody who may have information contacts them at the following number: (402) 443-1000. They are urging anyone who may have information to do so.