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Ted Ensley Obituary, Former SNCO commissioner Ted Ensley dies

Ted Ensley Obituary, Death- Sadly, Ted Ensley, who had previously served as a Shawnee County Commissioner and had worked his political magic there, has left the building. Tim Laurent, who serves as the director of Shawnee County Parks and Recreation, was the one who confirmed that Ensley had left on Thursday evening. He was the one who provided the information.

Ensley was the first individual to ever occupy the post of parks and recreation superintendent for the county. He was hired for this position in 1961 and proceeded to hold it for the subsequent 31 years after that date. In the year 1996, he was successful in running for office and winning a seat on the Shawnee County Commission. This allowed him to serve in that capacity. In addition to his duties as the Secretary of Wildlife and Parks for the state, he has served on the commission for the past 16 years. Before that, he oversaw both of those departments as their head administrator.

Following Ensley’s resignation from his position on the Shawnee County Commission, the state legislature overwhelmingly supported a resolution commending him for his time served in the position and expressing gratitude to him for his time there. Ensley was honored for his considerable contribution to the formation of Lake Shawnee during a ceremony that took place in October 2021. This contribution was mostly ascribed by county officials as having been largely sculpted by Ensley.

Ensley shaped Lake Shawnee. The western lakeside Ted Ensley Gardens are named for him. The bridge leads to these gardens. In 2004, the Kansas Recreation and Parks Association inducted Ensley into the Kansas Parks and Recreation Hall of Fame for his contributions to the Kansas parks and recreation industry. The Kansas Recreation and Parks Association awarded him this prize. Only Elma, his wife of 66 years, survives him. Their three little children make them proud.