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Sully Sullivan Obituary, Sully Sullivan Has Sadly Passed Away After Brief Illness

Sully Sullivan Obituary, Death – Sully Sullivan (Anthony): Sully passed away on Friday, April 7th, at the age of 58, in Dr. Kershaw’s Hospice Royton, following a brief battle with illness. Anthony was the name that everyone called Sully. Sully of Collyhurst, the Devoted and Much-Loved Partner of Lizzie, and the Precious and Beloved Father of Chloe referred to as “Sully.” Sully is also the name of

Chloe’s precious and beloved father. Sully was the kind of man who will always be remembered with a warm and fuzzy feeling. The loving and cherished grandfather of Maiya, the loyal and valued father-in-law of Stephen, and a brother, brother-in-law, uncle, and great-uncle who was deeply loved by all of his family and friends and who will be greatly missed by all of them. At the time of the funeral, which will take place on Thursday, April 27, at 2:00 p.m., the body of Sully will be transported into the center chapel at Blackley Crematorium.

Immediately after the conclusion of the service, the commitment will take place. Flowers are wonderful, but if you’d want to show your appreciation, a donation to Dr. Kershaw’s Hospice would be far more meaningful. If you really must send flowers, please keep them to those that come from members of your immediate family. It would be very much appreciated if all of the mourners who are going to

attend wore anything that had a city motif to it, such as a color or a blouse, and they should absolutely wear shorts rather than pants. If you have any additional inquiries or would like to make a contribution, please get in touch with Michael Kennedy personally at Greater Manchester Funeral Service on Moston Lane in Moston by dialing the number 0161681 1864. You can find Greater Manchester Funeral Service on Moston Lane. The Greater Manchester Funeral Service is located on Moston Lane in Manchester.