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Steve Potter Obituary, Blackpool Boys and Girls Club Member Has Unexpectedly Passed Away

Steve Potter Obituary, Death – Tonight, we are going to have to share some unfortunate news with everyone. A few days ago, Steve Potter, who many people will remember from his time as a member, youth worker, and Trustee at the Blackpool Boys and Girls Club, passed away surrounded by his loving family. Many people will remember

Steve Potter from his time there. We are all really startled and saddened by the news, as you can guess. He was a wonderful man and a devoted supporter of what many people, including Steve, affectionately referred to as “The Boysie.” This evening, our thoughts and prayers are with Cindy and the rest of Steve’s family as they grieve the loss of

their loved one. Following the sudden passing of Steve, we bring him before you, Loving God, and entrust him to your protection and care. As Jesus wept and mourned for those who had passed away, we should pray for all of those who are grieving Steve.

In particular for Cindy and the rest of the family as they try to make sense of the loss they’ve suffered. Stay with them and reassure them that everything will be well. These prayers are offered up in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen. Once we have received the information, we will inform you about his funeral.