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Shooting in Lawncrest Recreation Center in Philadelphia Today, Police Report

Shooting in Lawncrest Recreation Center in Philadelphia Today –  On Thursday afternoon, a leisure center in the city of Philadelphia was the target of gunshots, and the Philadelphia Police Department has begun an inquiry into the incident. The shooting occurred in the community that encompassed the recreation center on all sides. It was at 5:30 o’clock in the evening when it happened in front of the Lawncrest Recreation Center.

At the crossroads of Rising Sun Avenue and Comly Street is where you’ll find the Lawncrest Recreation Center. This facility serves the Lawncrest neighborhood. The fact that there was a gunfight in front of the center has been verified by the police; however, it is yet unknown whether or not anyone was hurt as a direct result of the incident. No arrests have been made.

Calling the Philadelphia Police Department at the following number, 215-686-TIPS, is encouraged for anyone who has information or who suspects they may have information about the incident. The city had just published an announcement the day before, which was the day before the shooting took place, that it would be adding additional security cameras outside of recreation centers as part of an effort to limit the number of times that violent crimes are committed in the city.

The news was made the day before the shooting took place. There have been over 300 reported incidents of gun violence in the vicinity of parks and other recreational areas since the year 2019 began. These incidences occurred in both public and private parks simultaneously. These incidents were reported to have occurred in the year 2019.