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Shooting in Conroe, TX, 4 Dead, Active Shooter Shooting at Motorcycle Drivers Along I-45 North

MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Texas – According to reports from the authorities, at least five motorcyclists were shot on Friday when they were riding along Interstate 45 North. A biker who was shot in the vicinity of the 25700 block of Interstate 45 in the Spring neighborhood, close to Oakwood Drive, dialed 911 shortly after 11 o’clock in the morning to report that he had been shot in the area.

The location was described as being close to Oakwood Drive. The site was said to be in the general neighborhood of Oakwood Drive in the description. Deputies were able to determine that the man, who was 32 years old, was part of a criminal motorcycle gang. After his identity was established, he was sent to the hospital in a state that could not be determined.

At this time, it is not possible to determine what his status is. According to deputies from the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office, it is possible that another rider was shot in this general vicinity. That individual was rushed to the hospital, and it is anticipated that they will recover from their injuries.

The deputies have stated that they do not have any information on the suspects who are connected to this occurrence, and they have also noted that they do not have any information about the suspects. In addition, they do not know if the shots were fired from a person on a motorbike or from a car; they do not know which possibility is more likely. They are uncertain about both of the options.