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Shawn LaFrance Obituary, Hanson Rod And Gun Club Mourns Shawn LaFrance - Death Cause

Shawn LaFrance Obituary, Hanson Rod And Gun Club Mourns Shawn LaFrance – Death Cause

Shawn LaFrance Obituary, Death – Shawn Edson LaFrance, who was a resident of Rockland, Massachusetts, passed away at his home on Saturday, April 1, 2023. He was born in Auburn – Lewiston, Maine, in the month of August 1964. His parents, Edward W. LaFrance and Sharon A. LaFrance-Dudzik, were both from Auburn, Maine, and both passed away before Shawn was born. His wife Kathleen and their three children, a son named Kristopher, a son named Kyle, and a daughter named Krystal, are the only ones to outlive him.

The beginning of Shawn’s life took place in Maine, and he often reminisced about his time spent there as a boy with his grandparents, Grampy and Nana Dudzik, as well as his formative years spent with his cousins Bunky, Jay, Mike, and Steve. They all stoked the fire that burned within him for his family, his favorite teams, and the great outdoors. Even though Shawn was an only child, he cherished his cousins very much and looked forward to any time the extended family came together.

When he was younger, he was quite susceptible to being affected by the older boys in a manner that was not necessarily for the better, and the stories that were told would make us laugh until we sobbed. But his loyalty never wavered, not even when he got in trouble with Nana because he chose to follow those negative examples when he should have known better. Every second spent with my loved ones was valuable. Shawn was one of those people that smiled and spoke kindly to everyone. He never kept more for himself than he gave to others.

After some time, Shawn settled in the state of Massachusetts. He began his life on the Cape, but then relocated to Rockland, which is where he completed his high school education. After that, he went to school for a career in the automotive industry. After finishing his education, he got a job at E.T. Wrights Shoe Manufacturing, then he applied for a job at Venture Tape in Rockland, and then he moved on to work for 3M. When Shawn first started out in the workforce 36 years ago, he worked as a Machine Operator in the Converting department. After rising through the ranks, he eventually became a Supervisor in the Coating department.

Shawn was constantly on the lookout for novel methods by which he could become more proficient, be it in the technique or in himself. Always making an attempt to contribute in a constructive way to the company and his fellow employees, many of whom he considered to be his friends. He possessed a dedication to greatness in addition to a desire to learn, a talent for creative thinking, and a willingness to put people and the requirements of the business ahead of his own demands. It came naturally to him to be successful in whatever endeavors he engaged in, and his personal life was not an exception.