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Seaside Park Bridgeport CT Shooting, 3 shot Dead, Police investigation ongoing

Seaside Park Bridgeport CT Shooting – On Thursday evening, there was a gunshot that took place in Seaside Park, and according to the remarks made by the local law enforcement, there were three people engaged in the event. On Thursday at 6:14 p.m., the police department put out a tweet stating that officers responded to a complaint of a double shooting at the park, which is a 325-acre expanse that borders Long Island Sound.

The post also stated that officers responded to the park after receiving the complaint. It was said in the tweet that the officers discovered evidence of both shootings. According to the tweet, the officers found proof of both shootings after conducting their investigation. After conducting additional research, it was discovered that a total of three individuals had been shot, bringing the total number of people who had been shot to three.

It was unable to gather any other information at this time because there was no other information that was easily available.