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Sean Iaframboise Obituary, Ottawa Resident Has Sadly Passed Away

Sean Iaframboise Obituary, Death  – Sean Laframboise is and always has been a dear friend of mine, and we will remain close in the future as well. It is incredibly challenging for me to come to grips with this loss because of everything that we went through together and the experiences that we had. Yesterday, all of us were deprived of something that was truly breathtaking. During the more than 12 years that we have spent traveling across Canada playing music together, I have had the honor of being able to refer to him as my closest friend and, in all honesty, as family.

In addition, we have spent a significant amount of additional years just hanging around with. At various times in one another’s lives, we both counted as some of the most significant persons. Many of you who have grown to know and love Sean would not have had the opportunity to do so if Sean and I hadn’t worked on the club sandwich line together at St. Hubert’s in Ottawa West in 1999. If we hadn’t done that, many of you who have since grown to know and love Sean would have never met him.

I say this without meaning to make this about me in any way, shape, or form. Were you aware of that? That unfortunate spread of mayonnaise on white bread would signal the beginning of it all, but wow, was it wonderful. When we were all together again, it was for Canada Day in Ottawa the summer before last. I will never forget how important that day was to me; in fact, I consider it to be one of the most important days of my life.

There is no way in hell that either one of us would have ever imagined that it would be our final time together. Sean Laframboise, also referred to as “the raspberry,” “the razor,” and “the ginger,” was the individual who kept the party going. He was also known as “the ginger.” RIP.