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Sarah Dreyer Missing Florida, US, help locate 38-years-old missing woman

Sarah Dreyer Missing Florida – This page was established in response to a request from Sarah’s family to help centralize the information gathered throughout the search for her. As new information becomes available, we will provide updates to this page as they become available. Get in touch with the Sheriff’s Office at this number 813-247-8200 if you have any information regarding Sarah’s whereabouts.

The number of this case is 23-383968. Find out what’s new with Sarah. 4/15 8:00pm: Together with volunteers from the surrounding community, members of the organization We Are The Essentials carried out a search in the northeastern section of the Bell Creek Nature Preserve. At this current time, Sarah has not been located. I would want to express my gratitude to everyone who assisted with the search today.

Additional search information will be posted here as soon as it is communicated to us by the relevant authorities. A kind reminder to all of the volunteers helping with the search: please be courteous of the boundaries and fences wherever you are, whether you are in the preserve, the area around Shadow Run Dam, or on private property. People searching have caused fences to become destroyed today.

If you need access to a locked location, you can contact us here, or you can coordinate your request with The Essentials, which will allow us to give you with access to the area. A heartfelt thank you to each of you for the unwavering support and prayers that you have offered during this trying time.