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Ron Powell Obituary, City of Jeffersontown, KY Pays Tribute to the Past Councilman

Ron Powell Obituary, Death – We are at a loss for words because Councilman Ron Powell passed away the day before, and it is with the utmost sincerity that we convey our condolences to Dee, Shaun, and Lauri. We are at a loss for words because he passed away the day before. As a direct result of his dying, we are going through unimaginable

suffering. Our deepest condolences are extended to you on the loss of your loved one. We are overcome with a profound sense of compassion for the loss that you have gone through, and our hearts go out to you. He was a hardworking member of the community who ran for and gained election to the community council so that he could represent the interests of the Jeffersontown area. In the neighborhood from where he was elected to public office, he

put in a significant amount of effort toward the goal of bettering the people’ quality of life in order to raise it to a higher standard. As a result, he was successful in achieving this purpose. As a result of his relentless efforts, his commitment to public service and continuous attempts to advance the aims and objectives of the Jeffersontown

community will be affectionately remembered as a legacy that will endure for decades to come as a consequence of his hard work. As a result of his tireless efforts, his dedication to public service and ceaseless efforts to advance the goals and objectives of the Jeffersontown community will be remembered. Because he worked so hard without stopping, his accomplishments will be remembered for many years to come. We will always have a tremendous

amount of respect for Ron not only because of our relationship with Ron but also because of the way he led people and the excitement he displayed for Jeffersontown. This is why we will always have such a strong connection with Ron. This regard for you will never be forgotten by us. Everyone will miss him in their own unique and individual way after he leaves, but everyone will miss him in their own particular way.