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Romeo Manahan Obituary, Romeo Manahan Has Died - Death Cause

Romeo Manahan Obituary, Romeo Manahan Has Died – Death Cause

Romeo Manahan Death, Obituary – Romeo “Tatay Romy” Manahan, a longtime resident of Barangay 418 and a former party member for the Lupon, passed away recently. It is with a heavy heart that we must break the news to you about Romeo’s demise. Today, the Tuesday the 8th of April 2023 Now that he has passed on, may his soul finally find eternal rest.

In addition to that, he had a deep-seated interest in the preservation and repair of historic autos, in particular traditional automobiles from Europe. His wife of the past half-century, Angela Matibag (Papa) Santiago, is one of the people he will be leaving behind. In addition, he is survived by his wife, Ruth, and their five children: Emmanuel Gideon M.

Mr. Santiago started working as a volunteer at the medical business that was located on Main Street and was headed by Doctor Amparo shortly after moving to Athol in 1993 with his family. He had an exceptional knowledge of, and was very interested in, the history of the United States, and he was an avid outdoorsman who enjoyed hunting and fishing.

After working as a Community Development Officer for the remainder of the Vietnam War, he moved on to a career in the Philippines with the Department of Interior and Local Government, where he stayed active until the year 1990, when he took early retirement. He eventually became a citizen of the Philippines.