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Robert Weinblatt Obituary, Member Of Weems Gallery And Framing Has Passed Away

Robert Weinblatt Obituary, Death – We are sorry to tell you of the passing of Robert Weinblatt, an artist whose work was exhibited at the Weems Gallery in the past. His passing comes as a shock to us as well. We are breaking this news to you with the utmost sense of grief that our hearts could possibly contain. Robert was a very talented pastel artist who spent a substantial portion of his life working in Weems. He spent the majority of his career there.

During that particular time frame, he was employed at that particular location. We are going to miss having him here with us since it has been a wonderful experience overall having him with us. There will not be a funeral ceremony held in the area that you are able to attend in conjunction with his burial since his family has decided to inter him in Florida rather than here in this region. Since of this decision, you will not be able to pay your respects at a funeral service here in this region.

The memory of me taking Robert inside the gallery is still fairly distinct in my mind, despite the passage of a good deal of time since the event in question took place. Working with an artist of such a high caliber was a joy, as seen by the fact that we were able to accomplish a lot together, which is a testament to the fact that working with them was a thrill. In my opinion, far too much time was lost in far too short a period of time.