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Robert Becker Obituary, Minnesota, Robert Becker Has Died – Death Cause

Robert Becker Obituary, Death – Bob Becker passed away. We offer our sincere condolences. A friend of his posted the following on one of his social media accounts: “Robert G. “Bob” Becker, Jr. Karen, Bob’s wife, and their two adorable girls, Kate and Lauren, are left behind. His absence will be felt deeply. Even though Bob and I have been friends since 1973, Timm Becker Brandhorst, Bob’s sister, deserves the title of being our friend’s oldest.

Bob’s oldest friend is Timm. He will be cherished by a lot of people. MUSIC SERVICE 4/18/23 At three in the afternoon, the First Presbyterian Church in Moorestown, New Jersey. Everyone who knew Bob is welcome and encouraged to join the reception following the funeral. The official announcement is finished with that. Hey Tim, look out the window at what’s happening,” my mother replied. A young man your age has reportedly started helping unpack that moving truck, in my opinion. You should go around and greet everyone. We got together the week before we started high school when we were 13 years old. We decided to become friends the moment we met, even on our first day.

When we were freshmen, we feigned to be unnerved when boarding the high school bus with our classmates. We were amazed by the senior football players’ commanding presence. Bob introduced me to his sport for the first time, and ever since then, the two of us have been ardent followers. Varsity Bob and the Frosh Connection were inseparable over their four years at the institution. We had the high school experience that every American student hopes for—amazing adventures, lifetime friendships, and all.