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Richard Condie Obituary, A Member Of Banstead Cricket Club Has Passed Away

Richard Condie Obituary, Death- The passing of Richard Condie, who was not only a personal friend of ours but also a fellow member of the club, is something that the organization is obligated to notify despite the fact that it does so with a heavy heart because it is something that the organization is required to announce.

Richard Condie was a fellow member of the club. Richard Condie was a personal buddy of ours in addition to being a club member who shared the same name as him. Because Richard participated in this club as a player, a volunteer, a committee member, and as the head of the committee, the organization benefited tremendously from his involvement. In addition to that, he presided over the committee as its chairman.

In addition to all of this, Richard was the person in charge of the bar at the club for a number of years, was in charge of the care of the grounds, and was the driving force behind a major percentage of the club’s events and activities, such as Banfest and the annual fireworks show. All of Richard’s contemporaries at the club will miss him terribly due to the fact that he embodied what it means to be the consummate gentleman and a true clubman. Richard will be greatly missed by all of his peers at the club.

When the time is right, we will fill you in on the specifics of the club’s plans to honor Richard’s life and the dedication he displayed to Banstead CC during the course of his employment there, and we will do so in a manner that is respectful of Richard’s desires. We will let you know about these plans when the time is right.
During this difficult time, Judy and every member of her family, including her friends and coworkers, will be in our thoughts and prayers. We are sorry for the hardship that you are experiencing.