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Richard Baker Obituary, A Chard Rugby Club Member Has Passed Away

Richard Baker Obituary, Death- Richard Baker has regretfully parted ways with the club, and it is with a great degree of grief that Chard RFC must make the statement that he has left the organization. It is with a great degree of grief that Chard RFC needs to make this announcement, since Richard Baker was an integral part of the club in every sense of the word.

Richard was a member of the club for a major portion of its life, and he served as Chairman of the Board from 1981 through 1983. His tenure as Chairman spanned the years 1981 through 1983. Richard has been a loyal follower of the team ever since he retired from playing sports and put up his cleats. In point of fact, up until this season, when illness stopped him from going, he was a regular sight and sound on the sidelines of almost all of the home games.

Because of the magnetic presence that he radiated and the way that he carried himself while in the pub, it was not difficult to find him there. It was impossible to resist his charisma. What a fascinating person he turned out to be with so many sides to his personality! Those who have been a part of the club for a longer amount of time are likely to remember him as the Master of Ceremonies at many of the club dinners that they have attended.

Those individuals who have only recently joined the group and have been a part of it for a shorter amount of time are not likely to recall him. Everyone at the club, from members to staff, is keeping Lyn and his family in their thoughts and prayers as they go through this tremendously difficult time together. They are going through a very difficult moment right now.