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Rev. Lee Roy Sherry Obituary, Pacific Region Veteran Missionary & Faithful Soldier Has Passed Away

Rev. Lee Roy Sherry Obituary, Death – Yesterday evening, Rev. LEE ROY SHERRY, a veteran of the Pacific Region Missionary Service and a devoted Soldier of the Cross, passed away. What a life well lived, investing into eternity by spreading the Good News of the Gospel with everybody he met and wherever God placed his feet. What a testament to God’s provision and providence. Not only does Brother Sherry leave behind a large number of souls that are prepared for the return of Jesus Christ throughout the islands of the Pacific, but we are also thankful for the pastoral influence that he had on a young adolescent named Bruce Howell many, many decades ago.

Brother Sherry baptized Bruce Howell in the name of Jesus. Pray for his family and friends, especially for his son Jonathan Sherry and his family, who are currently serving in the Eurasia and North Africa Region.
May the encouragement that comes from the Hope of Heaven be with us as we live each day for Him, love Him, and labor for Him!I am so sorry to learn this. Another wonderful and kind man has joined those who have gone before him in heaven.

Both personally and in the ministry, the Sherrys and the Millers were quite close with one another. I am shocked and saddened to learn about Brother Sherry’s demise. Johnathan and Darla Sherry, along with their entire family and all of their friends, are in my prayers. We are keeping the Sherry family in our thoughts and prayers during this difficult time. Bro. was someone that we cherished and respected. Sherry to such an extent.