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Pierre Lacotte Obituary, Pierre Lacotte has unexpectedly passed away

Pierre Lacotte Obituary – The news of Pierre Lacotte’s death was met with regret and sadness by Les Ballets de Monte-Carlo. Our thoughts are first and foremost with Ghislaine Thesmar, to whom we extend our heartfelt support and care. Our company, Compagnie, was created in 1985 on the initiative of Her Royal Highness, The Princess of Hanover, and the first directors were Pierre Lacotte and Ghislaine Thesmar.

Pierre Lacotte and Ghislaine Thesmar are both hugely influential people in my life. In 1986, they were the first to invite me to Monaco to perform a new version of my ballet, La Symphonie des Adieux. Pierre Lacotte will be remembered for all time as the creator of this ballet, the name of which comes to have its full significance on this fateful day. Soon after, I was granted the privilege of being asked to compose the ballet Le Mandarin Merveilleux, which was performed by Ghislaine Thesmar and is one of my favorite ballets.

I had no idea at the time that I would soon be working on a piece for a company where I would go on to hold the positions of Choreographer and Director as a result of them. They, along with Her Royal Highness The Princess of Hanover, are the architects of a goal that is still being pursued today, and for that I will be eternally grateful. Pierre has a wonderfully engaging and charming personality. Everyone who worked with him or knew him will always have a soft spot in their hearts for him.

Everyone remembers the golden moment in 1992 when I asked him to stage L’Oiseau de Feu and L’Apr├Ęs-midi d’un Faune again as part of a Ballets Russes evening. It was a component of the evening dubbed “Ballets Russes.” Everyone was taken aback by “The Archaeologist of the Dance World”‘s intellect, which was only topped by his giving attitude. Pierre Lacotte, one of the most influential figures in academic dance history, has died. He was able to pass on his knowledge to the dancers of Les Ballets de Monte-Carlo in a compassionate and intellectual manner. Some of them have evolved into some of my most loyal business partners after thirty years. We respect our friend’s legacy by working as a team.