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Phil Sarver Obituary, Western Pennsylvania, Lifetime Native Has Sadly Passed Away

Phil Sarver Obituary, Death – The passing of Phil Sarver has left people in North East Pennsylvania and Western Pennsylvania in a state of mourning today. A melancholy mood can be sensed across the whole state. It’s hard to think that this is really going to happen…
Sarv was the definition of a true guide, educator, and trainer in every sense of the word, and he exemplified all that those roles entail.

I was taken aback when I learned of his passing; yet, after reading the recollections that so many others have shared about him today, it is abundantly evident that he lived a life that was bigger than life. Sarv was there for you at all times, providing sound advice while maintaining an objective posture toward the events unfolding in your life.

I have included a few of my favorites despite the fact that he was not the type of man who would have been interested in technology or photography. I count it as a great good fortune that Sarv was able to make a difference in my life, and I will never forget the times we shared together as much as I will always cherish them. I want to thank Sarv for always being there and being honest;

I believe that is all that we can ask for in a friend. Whether we were spending crisp autumn evenings on the soccer pitch, I was teaching my daughter how to fish at his pond, or we were scuba diving at some exotic place (probably Lake Erie), I want to thank Sarv for always being there. Feel free to share with us one of the most cherished memories you have of him in the space provided below, and may he rest in eternal peace….