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Paul Abel Obituary, Imperial College London Mourns The Passing Of Paul Abel

Paul Abel Obituary, Death – It is with great regret that I must let everyone know that Professor Paul Abel, Emeritus Chair of Urology at Imperial College London, died away not too long ago. It is with great regret that I must proceed in this manner. I really wish I could say something else, but unfortunately I have to break bad news to you with a heavy heart.

The tragic news of his departure is sure to upset a lot of people. Anyone who had a close relationship with him will have a difficult time forgetting the wonderful balance he struck between thoughtfulness and humor. They will carry his memory with them always in their hearts as a lasting tribute. He is survived by his mother, Margie Lucille Abel, who currently resides in Brodhead; one brother, Jeff Abel, and his wife Tracy, who currently reside in Mt. Vernon; two sisters, Pam Taylor and husband Ricky, who currently reside in Otaka, Tennessee, and Cindy Robbins and husband Kevin, who currently reside in Brodhead; and one nephew.

Jeff Abel Jr., who currently resides in Mt. Vernon with his wife Tracy. Jeff Abel was the only brother he had, and he was the only one who predeceased him. Before he was even born, his sole parent had already passed away. His father, Robert Abel, had already passed away before he was even born, therefore he never met him. In his family, he was the very last surviving member. Both of his parents, J.W. Abel and Anita Jo Sisco, had preceded him in death before he did. Anita Jo Sisco was one of his sisters. He was the only member of his immediate family that had made it through life.