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Pamela Dawson Tasker Obituary, Costa Blanca British Expat Community Member Has Passed Away

Pamela Dawson Tasker Obituary, Death – I must break the terrible news that another pillar of the British expat community in Costa Blanca has passed away. In the years before I arrived on the Costa Blanca and for the entire time I have been there, Pamela Dawson Tasker has worked tirelessly for the AACC Cancer Charity. Pam likes to identify herself on LinkedIn as a CHARITY ORGANISER-JOURNALIST who worked with The Royal British Legion and Asociacion Espanola against el Cancer.

Pam and I met when we both worked at Onda Cero Radio; whenever she was around, we could always tell when something was going to happen. Pam put forth a lot of effort for her chosen causes, and I recently recall her being the last person to leave a fundraiser at the Forum Mare Nostrum. I have no other information to provide, but I thought that sending this message was the least I could do. I’m also including a tribute to Pamela from a few years ago that might shed some light on the efforts she made throughout her life to assist all of us here on the Costa Blanca.

May Pam rest in peace. Vince and Anne’s love We, Dino Trubbianelli, were born on March 5, 2020. Women of Llfas del Pi 2020 who inspire me Every day throughout International Women’s Week, we will be speaking with notable Alfas del Pi women to honor their accomplishments in the fields of the arts, business, politics, and community life. The Alfasina is a role model for modern women. Pamela Dawson Tasker has been a contributing member of the community for more than 40 years and is active in charity fundraising.

Pamela is a former hotelier, restaurant owner, champion cat breeder, golfer, and most recently a journalist and fundraiser for charities. She was born in London. She emigrated to Spain in 1980 and spent more than ten years operating a restaurant in Calpe. One of her biggest accomplishments was bringing the red poppy to the Marina Baixa and founding a local Royal British Legion chapter in Benidorm to honor their wartime sacrifices and provide much-needed funding for both past and present service members.

They raised almost 22,000 Euros this year alone, which is a remarkable accomplishment and a record sum. She partnered with Caring Together, a hospice organization that supported cancer patients and their families, and she organized about 90 concerts to raise money for the local chapter of AECC, a Spanish cancer charity that she directs. She wanted to work with charities, but why? If I could, I would use my skills to advance charitable organizations if I could benefit people.

She was instrumental in getting cricket started in Albir by identifying a chance for the soon-to-be-formed Sporting Alfaz cricket Club to use the golf driving range as a temporary cricket ground and working with the Town Hall to make it happen. Pamela has actually had a long history of involvement in local politics, and it is obvious that she is passionate about doing anything she can to support her community.

She also likes to write press releases and compiles an expat supplement, and she uses these platforms to bring up significant concerns like loneliness, acknowledging that the loss of a loved one is frequently one of the main reasons of loneliness. I questioned her about life as a woman in Spain. She notes that many older people have chances in Spain that they just wouldn’t have in the UK, as many positions are taken by the young.

Pamela frequently makes radio appearances and collaborates with the British Consulate on matters pertaining to expats, such as healthcare. She exclaims with pride, “Our town is a wonderful place to live, it really is,” as an Alfasina. For her charitable activities and assistance to expats, she received a British Empire Medal on Her Majesty Queen Elisabeth II’s list of honors. Pamela responded modestly when questioned about her honor, “I really couldn’t believe it.” What suggestions would she make for motivating young women today? Go after your dreams. Do it if you have faith in your abilities. Never let anything hold you back. Never let yourself believe you can’t succeed.That strikes me as great counsel.