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Orange High School Shooting, 1 shot Dead, Police Investigation Ongoing

Orange High School Shooting – On Friday, a jury in Orange County found a man guilty of the shooting at Orange High School three years ago as well as the murder of his own father. After nearly seven hours of deliberation, the jury ruled that Alvaro Castillo was guilty of all ten charges leveled against him. These charges included first-degree murder, two counts of assault with a dangerous weapon with the intent to kill, and two counts of possessing a weapon for instructional purposes.

The school shooting injured two students before being stopped by members of the school’s faculty and staff who approached the shooter. Deputy sheriffs from Orange County, California, were investigating the incident when they discovered the murdered body of Rafael Huezo Castillo, Castillo’s father, inside the family’s home. He has many bullet wounds on his body. “I am aware that a significant number of people have been surprised and hurt as a result of my actions.”

That was not at all what I had in mind. Prior to his arrest, Castillo was overheard saying things like, “I simply wanted to help.” “I have realized that what I did was wrong, and I am willing to do whatever is required of me,” the speaker stated. “I sincerely apologize.” Castillo was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole by Superior Court Judge Allen Baddour. Castillo was found to have murdered his victim.

The judge suggested that Castillo receive mental health treatment while incarcerated and sentenced him to two consecutive terms of 25 to 39 months in prison for assault with a deadly weapon. Castillo was found guilty on both counts.