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Nick Reina Obituary, Atlantic County Democrats Long Time Supporter Has Sadly Passed Away

Nick Reina Obituary, Death – Since I found out that Nick Reina had passed away, I have been overcome with a tremendous sense of loss, and my heart feels as though it will burst from the amount of agony that it is holding within of it at this particular moment in time. My heart feels as though it would explode from the amount of sorrow

that it is keeping inside of it at this particular point in time because it is keeping it inside of it. To be more specific, I have the sensation that my heart will explode from the amount of anguish that it is suppressing inside of it at the present time. I’m sorry to be the one to break it to you, but things are actually like that regrettably. I wish I could tell you otherwise. I really wish there was something else I could say to you. I truly hope that things could be different,

but alas, that is not the case. I really wish that things could be different. Nick and his late wife Bettie shared an interest in the topic that is currently being advocated for. Bettie passed away just two weeks ago, but before she did, Nick and Bettie shared this interest. Nick and Bettie had been married for close to 30 years when the story takes

place. Bettie, Nick’s wife, had just recently boarded a plane for a journey that was going to endure for a large length of time and would continue for quite some time. Nick has been an enthusiastic supporter of the effort that is being made to find a solution to the problem ever since he was first made aware of the situation. Nick is anxious to find a

solution to the problem. This is owing to the fact that he is of the idea that a solution to the problem must exist someplace, and this is the reason why this is the case. They are not going to be forgotten about in any way, shape, or form under any circumstances at all.