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Nick Booth Car Accident, James River Hs Student, sadly passed away after car crash

Nick Booth Car Accident, Death– Teenage students have been identified as the two victims of a fatal automobile crash and fire that occurred on Tuesday night in the Tarrington region of Chesterfield County, according to the police. The crash and fire claimed the lives of both victims. Since then, the tragic deaths of the two students have been confirmed by an email sent from the principal of James River High School.

The communication also highlighted the services that are available to students for consolation and grieving during this tremendously trying time. The names Nicholas Booth and William Hammitt were provided as the pupils in question in the aforementioned communication. In a statement that was released by Dr. Amanda Voelker, she said, “Both families shared this with us and asked that I share this with you.”

During this trying time, we will continue to keep these families in our thoughts and prayers. According to the police, the incident took place on Tuesday, April 11 at approximately 5:45 p.m. when a BMW that was heading north on Old Gun Road West reached a curve at a high speed, and the driver lost control of the vehicle. After traveling for a few hundred feet, the truck collided with a retaining wall, which caused it to flip over and then catch fire.

The police report that the vehicle’s two adolescent passengers, the driver and a passenger, were both stuck inside the vehicle after it was involved in an accident. At the scene of the collision, the authorities pronounced both victims dead. The accident is still being looked into by the authorities. If you have any information on this incident, you are urged to call the Chesterfield County Police Department at the following number: 804-748-1251.