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Nicholas Pooran Accident – Lucknow Supergiants Player Car Accident, 18 Months Away From The Game

Nicholas Pooran Accident – This IPL season, Nicholas Pooran has been in superb form. He has been essential to the triumphs of Lucknow Supergiants. Tsunami scored 62 runs off 19 balls during their inning against Royal Challengers Bangalore. At one point, the doctor recommended Nicholas Pooran, who is showering fours and sixes on the field today, to leave the match. His girlfriend was there for him during this period.  Nicholas Pooran is 19 years old in the year 2015.

He was very young when he was in an accident. The incident fractured both of his legs. The doctor urged him to stop playing cricket after the accident since only then would it be beneficial to his health. He had about 18 months off from playing cricket. Elissa and Nicholas Pooran were dating at the time. In the year 2020, Nicholas Pooran wed Elyssa Miguel. They have been in a committed relationship for a long time. Pooran shared photos of himself and his wife in a motivational post he wrote around two years ago on social media. (Instagram @KartharinamPooran)

“Jesus has blessed me abundantly in my life. But nothing has enriched my life more than the arrival of my wife. Greetings to Mr. and Mrs. Pooran. That was his post. Worldwide cricket supporters have congratulated Pooran as well. Elissa frequently visits the stadium to cheer for Pooran. (Instagram @KartharinamPooran) Right now, Nicholas Pooran is in fantastic shape. In 4 games, he scored 141 runs at an average of 47. His hit percentage is about 220. played a lightning-fast innings recently against Royal Challengers Bangalore. He used 19 balls to score 62. In addition, he accomplished the fastest fifty in 15 balls.