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Neil Sinclair Obituary, Former Vice President Of Townsville Gun Club Has Sadly Passed Away

Neil Sinclair Obituary, Death – It is with the deepest regret that we have to tell you of the passing of Neil Sinclair; yet, it is important for us to do so. Neil has a history with the Mt. Isa Gun Club, having previously served there both on the Committee and in the capacity of Vice President. This gives him a unique perspective on the organization. This provides him with a distinctive vantage point on the organization. More recently, we’ve observed him actively participating with our club, which is something we’ve seen him do in the past.

During this difficult time, our thoughts and prayers are with Neils’ loved ones, particularly his friends and family. Please know that you are in our thoughts and prayers. SINCLAIR, Neil In addition to the fact that he was Lesa’s biological father, he was also known as “SINKAS,” an endearing nickname. Kris and Rebecca’s father-in-law, he was also Lesa’s biological father. Lesa was Kris and Rebecca’s daughter. Lesa was their daughter. Poppy is Calam and Siara’s cherished kid, and she goes by the name Poppy.

Poppy was given this name by Calam. Florence’s Beloved and Most Intimate Companion throughout Her Life. cherished brother of Bill, who passed away; Don, who also passed away; Ian, Mark, and Dawn, all of whom also passed away; and Dawn, who passed away. I’m an uncle to a few people and their significant others as well. The funeral service for Neil will be conducted at the Woongarra Crematorium in Julago on Tuesday, April 18 at 3.30 p.m., and all of Neil’s relatives and friends are cordially welcome to attend the event.