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Merle Davids Obituary, Merle Davids Has Passed Away

Merle Davids Obituary, Death – Merle Davids, “our beloved aunt who sadly passed away in the early hours of Saturday morning,” will be remembered with love and affection here. Merle was a devoted buddy to his friends. She took many people with her on her travels and excursions, which she thoroughly enjoyed. They went apple picking, traveled to the United Kingdom, and did everything in between those two activities. She and her companions were constantly making plans for new adventures.

The names Hattie MacAskill, Christine McCall, Linda MacDonald, Margie Morrison, and Joan Marchand come to mind when thinking about cherished companions. A special thank you goes out to Dr. Greg Myatt and Janice Black for the consistent and dedicated care that they provided. Merle looked forward to seeing her fellow Nurses Alumnae at every opportunity they had to get together so that they could talk about the good old days. She was famous for her chocolate chip cookies in the community. When her boys were younger and still at home, the house they lived in after school was the place to be.

Their friends would come over because they knew they would always be welcome, and when they arrived, there would be a fresh batch of cookies waiting for them, still warm from the oven. Without Merle in it, life will never be the same for any of us. Because she was here, all of us who were fortunate enough to feel her love are recipients of a blessing, and the quality and depth of our lives have been greatly enhanced as a result of her presence. During this time of great need, the family and friends of the deceased are in our thoughts and prayers.