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Max Hazelton Obituary

Max Hazelton Obituary, Australian Aviator And Founder Of Hazelton Airlines Has Died – Death Cause

Max Hazelton Obituary, Death Cause – Max Hazelton has passed away. Charles Maxwell Hazelton, who was born in May 1927, knew from an early age that he wanted to be a pilot. When the Second World War ended in 1945, he realized that his future as a pilot was in jeopardy because the Royal Australian Air Force already had an abundance of pilots, seemingly leaving him with no future in the profession. He had joined the Air Training Corps when he was 16 years old.

He followed his desire to become a pilot in addition to his employment as an apprentice automotive engineer in Sydney, and as a result, he was able to obtain both a private and a commercial pilot’s license during the course of his career. He began his career in aviation by working with his mother to pay 2,500 British Pounds for an Auster Aiglet Trainer. He founded his own charter business in 1953 using his brother-in-law’s property in Toogong, New South Wales.

When attempting to fly from Bankstown Airport to Oberon in October 1954, his plane crashed in the rain not far from Oberon, but he was able to escape uninjured. He was only sixteen kilometers from Oberon when he became lost in the thick fog. Before returning to civilisation, he had to walk for six days and cover more than 100 kilometers. He invested in a brand-new Cessna 180 and began flying charters again while also applying pesticides and fertilizer. He was flagged by the local police for night flying, which was against the law at the time. However, he was able to persuade the authorities to relax the restriction by claiming that the weather was better for flying at night and that crop spraying was essential for the cotton growers in the area.