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Maureen Benniston Obituary, Maureen Benniston Has Passed Away

Maureen Benniston Obituary, Death – We must break the news to you with a heavy heart that Maureen Benniston passed away on April 16th, 2023. Her funeral will be held at a later date. She had reached the age of 76. Mike had lived in the state of Oregon for the duration of his entire life. He attended high school in Madison, which is located nearby, despite having been born in Portland.

After graduating from the University of Oregon, where he made connections with people who would become his closest friends for the rest of his life, he moved on to pursue more education. Marylee, Wade, Molly, and Andrew are the four children that he and Kate have successfully brought up as a team. Because of his honesty and his willingness to put in the effort, Mike was successful in his career as well as in other areas of his life. Maureen Mader, the devoted wife of the late Mike Mader, was there with him when he passed away.

His favorite things to do were things like golfing, relaxing by the river, preparing meals for his family, and rooting for the Oregon Ducks and Portland Trail Blazers in sports. His sister Rebecca, his four children, the partners of his children, and his two grandkids are the only people Mike’s death has left behind. His funeral mass will be held at Our Lady of the Lake on Saturday, February 11, 2023, at 11:30 a.m., following his passing.