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Matthew Jansen Obituary, Death, Sidney NE has unexpected passed away

Matthew Jansen Obituary – Matthew E. Jansen, MD, 39, of Sidney, died at home on Thursday, April 13, 2023. Funeral services are pending and will be announced as soon as they become available. The Jansen family is being served by Holechek-Bondegard Funeral Home and Cremations in Oshkosh and Chappell. Matthew had an unrivaled love of the natural world. He loves outdoor activities like camping and hiking and was an Eagle Scout. He felt most at home in the wide outdoors, and he made the most of any extra time he had by going camping.

He dedicated his life to protecting the ideas of the Constitution and people’s rights, both of which he was passionate about. He was continuously inventing new things and seeking new ways to spice up and spice up everyday life. His mother referred to him as a “deep thinker” because of his tremendous mind. They worked together to build a wonderful home and a small farm, and they had four children during this time.

They devoted their lives to those daughters, and Matthew insisted on spending a significant amount of time outside working on various projects. He believed that genuine life occurred apart from computers, television, and video games. You could always find him and the rest of his family outside, doing something new. In every way, Matthew was a trailblazer. He created methods for raising a wide variety of plants, as well as poultry, fish, horses, and even bananas, on the broad plains of Nebraska.

He accomplished all of this while using solar energy and being environmentally conscientious. He was constantly working on projects outside the house with Kaitlin and the girls, and he was constantly dreaming up and building new things. He must have planted hundreds of fruit trees, but only a few of them survived Nebraska’s hard winters. He did not, however, give up and continued to investigate other options.