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Marilyn Cody Obituary, Marilyn Cody Has Passed Away - Death Cause

Marilyn Cody Obituary, Marilyn Cody Has Passed Away – Death Cause

Marilyn Cody Obituary, Death – We were rendered unable of finding any solace in our sadness and dumbfounded after hearing the tragic news that our dear friend and coworker in the real estate sector, Marilyn Love-Cody, had passed away. Marilyn was one of our coworkers. Marilyn will be remembered not just for her generosity but also for her ability to act as a positive example for those people who had the good fortune to live in her immediate neighborhood for the greater part of three decades.

These people will remember her for her ability to serve as a constructive role model. She was a valuable contributor to our company and will be sorely missed by all of us here. Because of her departure, everyone will grieve the loss of a loved one in their own special way. This is because everyone’s experiences with loss are different. “During the time that she spent working in the real estate sector, Marilyn was recognized as a rock star by her employees.

This reputation lasted for the entirety of her tenure in this industry. She was a great delight to work with, and she served as an inspiration to all of us who were had the opportunity to collaborate with her. In addition to being a spectacular person in her own right, she was also a good friend to everyone she met. She made a positive impact on everyone she knew. Kevin Breen, who now serves as President of Coldwell Banker Elite Real Estate, is the individual in charge of directing business operations at the firm.