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Margaret Bowler Obituary, Founding Member Of Matlock Baileans Hockey Club Has Died

Margaret Bowler Obituary, Death – The demise of the last original member of our club, which was established in 1946, has left us with a heavy heart and we regret to tell you of this. We feel a profound sense of regret about the loss that this implies.

We shall miss Margaret very much, but the legacy that she has left behind is truly remarkable. We will miss her very much. Margaret D. Bowler is 101 years old and lives in the South Minneapolis neighborhood of Minneapolis. Her great-grandparents, Joseph and Gertrude Dinzl, as well as her parents and husband, Clinton, as well as her grandson, Kevin, great-granddaughter, Nicole, and great-grandson, William, all passed away prior to her passing. Her grandparents were Joseph and Gertrude Dinzl.

Her daughter Judy O’Dell, along with her seven other children and nine of her grandchildren, will carry on her legacy after she has passed away. Her children’s names are Lee, Cindy, who is married to Gregg, Sharon, who is married to Pat, Krissy, who is married to Jody, Joseph, who is married to Danielle, and Ryan and Pete. In addition, she is the adoptive mother of Krissy, also known as Jody. Pat Gumingo’s daughter, along with her children Kathy Foss (Dave) and Carol (Leider), as well as their three grandchildren, are the surviving members of the Gumingo family. Pat Gumingo passed away in the past.