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Madelaine Schmidt Obituary, Denver Co, Eaglecrest High School Teacher has Died

Madelaine Schmidt Obituary – Because an instructor at Eaglecrest High School passed away unexpectedly over the weekend while displaying symptoms that were consistent with bacterial meningitis, the school has decided to postpone classes on Wednesday and other school activities commencing on Tuesday in response to this tragedy. The instructor displayed symptoms that were compatible with bacterial meningitis, which led to the decision to make this choice.

The fact that the instructor displayed symptoms that seemed to be consistent with bacterial meningitis was a major factor in the decision-making process that led to the selection of this option. The teacher suspected that she was suffering from meningitis because she had been experiencing signs of the disease. Fever, headache, and sensitivity to light were some of the symptoms that were present.

As a result of the fact that the instructor was no longer available, we came to the conclusion that we needed to make this choice as soon as humanly feasible. A letter from the Cherry Creek School District was sent to Denver7, and it was addressed to the families of the pupils. The instructor was known to be Maddie Schmidt, according to the letter. When the letter was delivered to the families’ homes, everyone in the student’s household read it.

According to the letter, the school district is working with the Arapahoe County Public Health Department, which will contact school authorities as well as the families of students who may have had regular interactions with the instructor. This will take place as part of the collaboration between the two entities. The statement indicates that the school system is collaborating with the Arapahoe County Public Health Department as well.

Following the receipt of a copy of the letter, the comment was made by the school district. According to the warning, the Arapahoe County Public Health Department is also coordinating the response with the school system at this time.