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Luke Balstad Obituary, Bålsta Municipality Eweden, Resident Has Sadly Passed Away

Luke Balstad Obituary, Death – On July 12, 2003, in the city of Tucson, Arizona, we were blessed with the arrival of our son Luke. Instantaneously, he made the world a better and happier place. We were immediately aware that we were in possession of a blessing. He was an ideal candidate! Those who knew our Luke, even on a superficial level, have suffered the loss of a bright star in their life.

A real angel. After receiving his diploma from Hudsonville High School, Luke continued his education at Harvard College in Cambridge, Massachusetts, where he was enrolled as a sophomore at the time of this sentence. If you knew Luke, you were aware of his passion for education and the things he learned.

Since Luke’s passing, many people have expressed in writing how extraordinary he was and how fortunate they were to have had the opportunity to meet him. If you knew him, you certainly wouldn’t forget about him. Even if he didn’t say a word to you, just being in the same room as him and seeing that gorgeous smile of his would make your heart sing with happiness.

Even though he was still a child, he had a significant influence on all of us, as noted in a letter written by one of his closest instructors. Luke shone brightly as a beacon in this dark world. Today, a great number of kids discussed the encouraging words that Luke had for them. They shared stories about how he made them feel accepted and respected in the group. They spoke very highly of the enormous regard they had for him.

He made the effort to recognize the worth of others, and as a result, his influence is felt by an enormous number of individuals. That is our Luke right there. We celebrate the warmth, depth, and intelligence that lie beneath his ever-present smile. His dedication to improving himself via education and his vision for the future are both inspiring.

Luke often fantasized about attending medical school. It was impossible to resist his intrigue. We remember most of all how much they will miss him because of how much pleasure they had in simply being in his company, how much better he made them feel, how much more at ease they felt being themselves around him, and how much they will miss him. Luke encouraged everyone to embrace who they were and not try to change.