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Lisa Cowan Obituary, Rachel’s Riding Closet Mourns The Death Of Lisa Cowan

Lisa Cowan Obituary, Death – Lisa Cowan possessed an extraordinary enthusiasm for life as well as a keen sense for all things spectacular. She was witty, bright, and full of life, in addition to being so much more. Her generosity was accompanied by a razor-sharp wit and a hilarious sense of humor. A spirit that is fearless and brave in every respect. The first few weeks and months of Rachel’s Riding Closet were the beginning of our friendship. A customer ended up becoming a buddy.

We had frequent conversations about a wide variety of topics, including hunting, horses, fashion, personal endeavors, and more. Even though I only saw Lisa a few times a year, it seemed as though we had never been apart. It was as if there had been no time at all between our encounters. I will never forget the help and guidance that she gave me over the past several years in order to develop my company and make a new friend. I am grateful to her for both of these things.

I am overcome with profound sorrow for Lisa’s entire family and circle of friends, and all I can do is pray that the void left by the absence of such a remarkable presence in their life can be filled with an abundance of happy memories that she has bestowed upon us all. I can’t help but feel an overwhelming sense of gratitude toward Foxhunting for introducing me to wonderful people like Lisa in my life.