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Leticia Martinez Obituary, Leticia Martinez Died Tragically After A Mariners Game

Leticia Martinez Obituary, Death- The body that was found in Renton on Tuesday has been identified as being that of Leticia Martinez, according to her brother, who spoke with KNIG 5. The person last saw at a Mariners game on March 31 was Martinez. The site of the body, which was found in Renton by homicide police investigating Martinez’s disappearance, is being kept a secret.

The Seattle Police Department has not disclosed the identity or gender of the deceased, however they have stated that the individual was an adult. It is now unknown how long the body lingered there or how police originally discovered it there. The King County Medical Examiner’s Office is still expected to identify the deceased person and determine the cause and manner of death.

Brett On Monday, Michael Gitchel, 46, was charged with attempting to murder Martinez’s son and setting Martinez’s car on fire. Before Martinez vanished, Gitchel was there at a Mariners game with her. He and Martinez were last seen together before she disappeared. The King County Prosecutor’s Office has said that they want to add a case of second-degree murder for the homicide perpetrated against Martinez to the charges against Gitchel within the next week.

On April 24, Gitchel is anticipated to make his next court appearance. Gitchel is charged with attempted murder in the first degree and kidnapping in the first degree after allegedly attempting to strangle Martinez’s son. He is also accused of theft in the first degree, second-degree arson, and unlawful possession of a firearm in the second degree. Gitchel’s bond was set at $5 million on Monday after the Office of the King County Prosecuting Attorney asked for it to be done so.

A Costco employee recognized Gitchel as a suspect in a theft from the day before since he was wearing the same clothes and matching the suspect’s description. Gitchel was arrested at Costco on April 4 and jailed. The evidence showed many scratches and bruises. The cops found blood on the inside of his right shoe when collecting his garments for evidence. Gitchel denied attending a Mariners game or knowing Martinez during the interview. Gitchel allegedly confessed to attending the game and knowing Martinez after seeing a photo of him.