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Kyle Dougherty car Accident Fort Pierce FL, 30-years-old man killed in car crash

Kyle Dougherty car Accident Fort Pierce FL – An accident that occurred early on Thursday morning in Royal Palm Beach close to the intersection of Southern Boulevard and Forest Hill Boulevard reportedly resulted in the death of a man in his 30s, as reported by the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office. When the accident occurred, the person was at the wheel of an SUV, which collided with a semi-truck.

At around 4:40 in the morning, emergency medical workers arrived at the scene of the accident and determined that Kyle Dougherty had passed away as a direct result of the injuries he had in the “T-Bone” style collision that had occurred earlier. At the time of the collision, Dougherty, a local of Fort Pierce, was operating a 2018 Honda HRV in the direction of westbound traffic on Southern. On the same route as us was a semi-truck driven by Peterbilt that was headed in the opposite way.

Accident investigators said that information gathered at the site suggests that Dougherty, for reasons that are unclear, veered into the lane that the truck was occupying as both vehicles approached Forrest Hill. Statements made by those in charge of investigating an accident are founded on data collected at the scene. Both vehicles traveled across the street together after the collision that occurred between the front of the truck and the passenger side of the Honda. They eventually came to a stop in an adjacent merging lane.