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Kyle Dorr Obituary, Member Of Morris County Department Has Sadly Passed Away

Kyle Dorr Obituary, Death – Chief Kyle Dorr, a dedicated public servant who served Morris County for 28 years and the Borough of Wharton for more than 30 years as a volunteer firefighter, has passed away. Chief Dorr will always be remembered as a cherished family member in Morris County. Morris County Administrator Deena Leary expressed her sadness over the loss of her boss.

Chief Dorr has been employed by Morris County since September of 2000 when he began working as a Juvenile Detention Officer (JDO) at the Juvenile Detention Center (JDC). From Senior JDO to Supervising JDO to Field Training Officer and finally Chief JDO in 2016, he held every position possible within the organization. He was in charge of the JDC’s day-to-day operations, personnel supervision, and communication with the Juvenile Justice Commission (JJC).

Morris County’s Department of Human Services has a juvenile detention center that accommodates youth from neighboring counties Morris, Sussex, Hunterdon, and Warren as part of a shared services arrangement. In 1995, the Attorney General of New Jersey established the JJC as the exclusive State agency with statewide jurisdiction for juvenile justice system planning, policy creation, and service provision. Care, custody, and rehabilitation services for youth committed to the JJC by the courts; supervision and coordination of services for youth released from custody on parole; and supporting local efforts to provide prevention and early intervention services to at-risk and court-involved youth make up the JJC’s trifecta of primary responsibilities.