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Kosmas Synadinos Obituary, Kosmas Synadinos Has Sadly Passed Away

Kosmas Synadinos Obituary, Death – Our hearts broke with grief when we learned that our dear buddy Kosmas (Mikis) Synadinos had passed away shortly after we received the news of his passing. As soon as we heard the news, our hearts were overcome with sorrow. He occupied a spot in our hearts that was unique and could never be filled by anybody else. No one else could ever take his place. There is

no one else who could possibly fill his shoes. Kosmas was an enthusiastic volunteer who, at our annual event, would spend a number of hours in front of our gourmet food lines greeting everyone of our guests, replying to their inquiries, and exchanging stories with them while they waited in line for the food. Kosmas was an integral part of our community and we will miss him. Kosmas’s contribution to the success of our event was multifaceted, and this was only one of those ways. He would also provide them with information on the event and

answer any questions that they might have had about it during this time. During this time, he would also offer them complimentary tastings of the upscale cuisine that he had prepared for them and had prepared himself. Because he established such a high bar for the way in which our firm should be portrayed to the outside world, having him among us in this room is going to be something that we are

going to miss having. We will all miss him very much here at the company. We want his wife and the rest of his family to fully understand how sorry we are for the loss that they have suffered, and we also want them to be aware that we are currently in the process of conveying this emotion to them at this time. It is only fitting that the life of Kosmas should be remembered with reverence throughout all of time and all of eternity; it is only proper.