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Kaye Huch Obituary, Kaye Huch Has Passed Away - Death Cause

Kaye Huch Obituary, Kaye Huch Has Passed Away – Death Cause

Kaye Huch Obituary, Death – The passing of my Aunt Kaye Newmann Huch came about so quickly and unexpectedly a week ago, and I am utterly distraught and beyond grieved as I write this message to tell you the news. Because of her departure, our entire family is in profound disbelief and has been very unsettled over the past week. It was a blast hanging out with Aunt Kaye! I always looked forward to seeing Aunt Kaye and spending time with her whenever we had the opportunity to do so.

When I was a kid, my family would make the trip from Tampa to St. Louis virtually every single summer and around the holiday season to spend time with our extended relatives. The majority of the time, Aunt Kaye would have my sister and I spend the night at her house so that we could spend time with our cousins and play together. She never failed to come up with new suggestions for activities and games that the two of us could enjoy doing together. She was without a doubt known as “the fun aunt” when we were kids.

Aunt Kaye was very kind to others. When I relocated to St. Louis quite unexpectedly in 2019, she immediately and enthusiastically extended an invitation to move in with her and welcomed me into her house with open arms. During the original COVID lockdowns, I resided with her for around six months until I found another place to live, and then for an additional three months while my new home was undergoing renovations during the same time period. During the course of that year, my relationship with her grew to the point that she almost felt like my biological mother.

Before retiring for the night, we would always greet one another with a “I love you” and a “goodnight” before trying out new Snapchat filters and playing games. We would spend hours making each other laugh and discussing our days, our families, and our histories. I had no idea how significant that year of my life was until I came to this realization now, and I will never forget that we were able to spend that period of our lives together.