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Katrina Houghton Obituary, Waikato District Region NZ Longtime Native Has Passed Away

Katrina Houghton Obituary, Death – After losing control of her quad bike and rolling it on a farm near Piopio this week, my youngest sister, Katrina Houghton, suffered fatal injuries and passed away. The loss of an incredible and much-loved wife, daughter, mother, sister, and aunt has left us in utter disbelief and utter devastation. As a family, we have banded together to provide as much assistance to one another as possible, with a special focus on Tom, his wife, and their three sons.

We would like to extend our gratitude to our friends and the wider community for their assistance in getting us through these terribly difficult first few days. Your assistance is a fitting reflection of the kind and dependable person she was. Before becoming a part of us, the atoms that compose our bodies were a variety of other things. It is said that a zinc spark appears as the egg joins the sperm, signifying that a connection event is taking place. That is actually the beginning of life; some people refer to it as their soul; whatever you call it, it is their unique code.

Even after we have passed on, that light will remain. There is merely a transfer of energy. Hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, and carbon are the atoms that have the most activity in the cosmos, as you can see. Hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, and carbon are the most energetic atoms found in your body, respectively. We are the universe represented in one of the countless varieties of special code that have existed for the same amount of time as the cosmos itself. Even after this life’s cluster of bodies has passed away, our mission will carry on. Therefore, if you are feeling the absence of a loved one, you should take a stroll in a garden, swim in a lake, stand in the rain, or simply stare up at the sky and feel that energy. They are still here, they have never left, and perhaps they have never even arrived; they are simply passing through.