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Jose K Mani Car Accident, Son Arrested For The Cause Of Siblings Death

Jose K Mani Car Accident, Son Arrested For The Cause Of Siblings Death

Jins John Obituary – The sudden application of the brakes by KM Mani Jr., who was behind the wheel of a Toyota Innova bearing the license plate number KL-07-CC-1717, is said to have been the cause of the incident that took occurred, according to a story that was broadcast on News 18 Malayalam. The vehicle that was involved in the collision was being driven by KM Mani Jr., better known by his alias Kunjumani. KM Mani Jr. is the grandson of KM Mani, who formerly held the position of finance minister.

The two-wheeled vehicle rear-ended the automobile, causing damage to the vehicle’s rear end. Even though the boys were taken to the Kottayam Medical College as soon as possible, it was not feasible to save their lives from the injuries they had sustained. After posting bail, Kunjumani was eventually granted his freedom. The research indicates that Xavier Mathew, who is originally from Pala, is the person who is the owner of the automobile in question. At this juncture, additional information is requested.

After an accident that was caused by his vehicle and resulted in the deaths of two individuals, KM Mani Jr., who is the son of Kerala Congress-Mani chairman and Rajya Sabha MP Jose K Mani, was brought into prison, according to reports that were issued on Monday. Jose K Mani is a member of the Rajya Sabha. The fatalities were reported to be siblings who hailed from the Manimala neighborhood in the Kottayam district. Their hometown was mentioned in the reports.

It was asserted that the incident took place on Saturday evening on the Muvattupuzha-Punalur road close to the BSNL office in the Manimala area of the Kottayam district. It was discovered that Mathew John, age 35, a resident of Manimala, and Jins John, also a resident of Manimala, had both passed away as a direct result of the occurrence. (30). At the time of the incident, the victims were traveling from Ranni in Pathanamthitta to Manimala. They were on their way there when the incident took place.